Grandfather’s Affair

He got into an affair with a married lady in Trippunithura, close to his place of work.

It became an open affair, but the scandal did not disturb Muthachan in the least. During the famous Trippunithura temple utsavam, Muthachan was found with the lady and Thampuran called and admonished him. What an exciting character, my grandpa was, but he didn’t have the least courtesy to bequeath even a bit of that DNA on to me! Muthachan told the king that it was his personal affair and no one, even the king, had any business to interfere.

Muthachan was expelled and ordered not to come anywhere on the premises. The king threatened to put him behind bars if he were to enter the state of Kochi.

Muthachan hired an attorney to argue his case. He was not allowed in the state, so he decided to come by train and meet with his attorney for discussions while sitting in the train. Since the train belonged to the ruling British, it was outside the jurisdiction of the king, even though the station was within the state. The case was finally contested in court, and Muthachan, a common man, won the case against the ruling king! It was the consummate example of justice that prevailed in our state about a century ago. Muthachan celebrated the victory by hiring a rickshaw and ceremoniously parading through the streets of Trippunithura and around the king’s palace, proclaiming his triumph against the king.