A fascinating and admirable history. The detailed and descriptive chapters in this book
create entire cultural worlds for readers to learn from, enjoy, and remember. -Chitra
Divakaruni, international award-winning and bestselling author, Houston, TX

“An inspiring story, a wonderful saga of a migrant in America.” —Tom Reid, Mayor of Pearland, TX

“An engaging memoir of a doctor, an Indian American.” —Aseem Chhabra, columnist for India Abroad, NY

“Provides an interesting reading of a diasporic longing for home.” —Professor Sanoo Master, writer, critic, humanist, Kerala, India

“Unbelievable…interesting and fascinating reading.” —Padma Shri Dr. Vyjayanthimala Bali, dancer, actress, former MP, Chennai, India

“Remarkable journey from his native land of India to America.” —John K. Graham, MD, D. Min, President/CEO, ISH., Houston, TX

“Enjoyable and authentic descriptions; touching; impressive.” —Padma Vibhushan, professor, physicist, Dr. E.C.G. Sudarshan, Austin, TX

Menon’s tale has rich academic value” – Sarath Menon, Professor, UofH, TX

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